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  • 24 years manufacturing experience
  • 15 years professional oversea business service
  • Have full certification system
Shopping Cart Caster Flat Floor Style
Shopping Cart Elevator Caster 3-Dish
Shopping Cart Elevator Caster 2-Dish
Shopping Cart Elevator Caster 2-Dish
TPE Wheel Heavy Duty Caster Rigid Style
Heavy Duty Caster Side Locking
Heavy Duty Caster Swivel with Iron PU Wheel
Heavy Duty Caster Swivel with Dual Wheel
Industrial Caster Light Duty With PU Wheel
Medium Duty Industrial Caster with Double Brake
APP Stem Industrial Caster with Side Locking
Customized Color Wheel Industrial Caster

Main Products

Jiaxing Xingteng Caster Co., is a big famous caster wheel manufacturer in China. The product range is wide, covering nearly 3000 different models of casters and wheels. Shopping cart casters, industrial casters, special OEM casters are our most advantageous products. Our casters are widely used in shopping carts, material handling equipments, various cart, toy wagons, office chair, hospital bed, furniture….etc. Different usage need different caster wheel. Do feel free to contact us, if you can’t decide which is suitable for you. We will provide you the best caster wheel solution. 

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More than 350 companies from 58 countries and regions trust us, the count is increasing

Real Caster Factory NO Middle Man

From Raw Material to A Caster Wheel–Manufacturing Processes

1. Start from Quality Raw Material
2. Plastic Parts Production
3. Plastic Parts Semi-product
4. Plastic Finished Product
5. Metal Quality Raw Matieral
6. Metal Parts Under Production
7. Metal Semi-product --Bracket
8. Swivel Ball Part Assembling
9. Racing Ball Bowl Assembling
10. Whole Caster Assembling
11. Product Parameter Testing
12. Finished Product Package & Delivery

Why Choose US?

Our Advantages

  • 24 year’s manufacturing experience
  • Real caster factory in China to produce almost all parts, not only assembling.
  • OEM/ODM; can produce casters as customer required
  • Perfect quality control system
  • Have superior and stable raw material suppliers
  • In-time Delivery
  • 12 month warranty
  • Quick response to customers requirements
  • One-station professional service, from inquiry sending to goods arriving to you
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OEM & ODM Supported

From Drawing to Physical Product
Before After
What are the processes to make custom made casters?
  1. Tell us your idea. We will draw according to your requirements. If product drawing can be provided, that’s the best.
  2. Audit the drawing and check whether there is modify
  3. Confirm the drawing.
  4. Develop a full set of mould.
  5. Make testing samples.
  6. Send samples to customer for test.
  7. Sample approved; if not, then repeat step 2 to step 6.
  8. Mass Production

Part of Our Certifications

Our Happy Customers from 30+ Countries

“I am lucky to have Jiaxing Xingteng Caster Co., Ltd as our business partner”. This is really a happy word for us. We usually hear it from this or that customer. We thank you for our customers’ identification and trust. This is what we always thrive for. During 15 years international business service, we have established good business relationships with our customers. Let’s see some details what they have said.

We have bought castor wheels from Xingteng Caster Factory China for more than 12 years. We are goods business partners and friends. Normally I visit China 1 or 2 times every year. XingTeng is the factory which I must visit every time. Thank you guys! Expect to see you again.

Several years ago, I am a freshman in the industry. I even don’t know how to import from China. Thank you, Sunny. You help me from a freshman to an expert of the area. My business turnover is good now.   : ) Big hug!

If you want to buy caster wheels in China and want to find good China caster factory, Xingteng Caster Company is the right one. I sources for dozens of suppliers in China. Xingteng is one of the most effective and reliable business partners. We have cooperate for more than 100 orders, 30% is heavy orders. For now, we are satisfied with them.

Xingteng has engineer service team. It’s really helpful. When there is new project which need some modification, it is easy for us solve the specific problems. Their quick response is a great help too. Expect to cooperate with Tengcaster on more projects.

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