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Light & Medium Duty Industrial Caster


Screw Style Light Duty Industrial Caster
Hole Pin Style Medium Duty Caster
Stem Syle Light Duty Industrial Caster
Expanding Adapter Stem Medium Duty Caster
Top Plate Light Duty Industrial Caster
Rigid Medium Duty Caster with PU Wheel
Light Duty Industrial Caster with Side Locking
Medium Duty Industrial Caster with Total Brake
Medium Duty Industrial Caster with Double Brake

What light & medium duty caster do we have?

Tengcaster has over 1000 different models of light and medium duty industrial caster for your choice. We increase new design every year. They quantity is growing.

You can choose different mounting method, different brake way with different wheel to measure up your demands. The available casters are as following: screw stem industrial caster, round or special shape stem industrial casters, expanding adapter stem caster, top plate caster, rigid light duty caster, swivel medium duty industrial caster, industrial caster with side locking, industrial caster with total brake…etc. And for different wheel size, 3”, 4”, 5” & 6” casters are available. For different wheel material, the caster can be PP wheel caster, PU wheel caster, TPR wheel caster, TPE wheel caster as well as rubber wheel caster. In short, there are various different types for your choice. For details, pls not hesitate to contact us. We will recommend you the right industrial caster according to your specific requirements. Thank you and hope to talk to you soon!

Specification for Typical Models

4 Inch Swivel Middle Duty Industrial Caster

Model NO: 314S1ZSX430U


Wheel Size: 100*32mm

Rim Material: Polyproplene

Tread Material: PU

Wheel: with ball bearing

Overall Height: 132mm

Offset: 36mm

Top Plate Size: 92.5*60.4mm

Loading Capacity: 100KGS

Classic 5 Inch European Style Industrial Caster

Model NO: 335F1ZRW503R


Wheel Size: 125*32mm

Rim Material: Polyproplene (PP)

Tread Material: rubber

Wheel: with roller bearing

Overall height: 155mm 

Offset: 40mm

Top Plate Size: 103*80mm

Loading Capacity: 140KGS

How our light & medium duty industrial casters different from others'?

Our Caster VS Others' Caster

We pay much attention to detail. We always focus on quality control. All of our casters are under SOP. Each finished product should be as good as it to be. Compare to others, we have following advantages.

  1. Quality new material. Take PU material for example. The hardness is 95+/-3. Soft, anti-slide, silence and good for floor.
  2. Smooth surface, no burry.
  3. Customer personalized color, low MOQ.
  4. Quality screw with nylon nut, fasten, durable, unloose.
  5. Thick bracket to ensure loading ability.

Strictly Quality Control & Product Test

All casters are manufactured under SOP direction; all casters are checked under strictly QC parameters; all casters are tested before shipments. 

Process Quality Control Chart
Factory Test Report

We have manufactured casters and wheels for 24 years. Apart the light & medium duty industrial casters, we can do other series casters, like shopping cart casters, furniture casters, medical casters and customized OEM caster. For now, there are nearly 3000 models of products for your choice. And we can do any special casters according to your specific requirements. Low MOQ, low cost, high quality and in time delivery are the aims we always thrive for. And they are things we promise and do for our customers. If you have any question or interesting in casters, do pls contact us. We will provide you what you need.

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Tengcaster is a caster wheel manufacturing expert. We will provide you best caster solution. Pls not hesitate to contact us now for details! 

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