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Tengcaster is a caster factory since 1997, over 24 years’ history. For now, the factory covers nearly 3000 different models of casters, wheel and caster wheel spare parts. The most advantageous products for us are shopping cart caster, heavy duty industrial caster, light & medium duty industrial casters, furniture casters, other hot selling and patent casters as well as custom-made casters. These casters are widely applied to every industry and used in our daily life. They help to make our life and production easier and more efficient. Welcome to contact us to ask more.

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Ultimate Guide to Casters


Chapter 1

What’s a caster and why we use caster?

Chapter 2

Numerous Applications of Casters

Chapter 3

Components of Caster

Chapter 4

Types of Caster

Chapter 5

How to choose a proper caster?

Chapter 6

Suggestions on How to Choose A Caster Supplier

Chapter 1

What’s a caster and why we use caster?

A caster is an un-driven wheel that is designed to be connected with big or heavy object to move. By using casters, you can reduce the work force and increase the work efficiency.

Chapter 2

Numerous Applications of Casters

Casters are widely applied to industry area as well our daily life. You can see caster wheel everywhere. It can be applied to shopping cart, various rolling dolly, office chair, hospital bed and many material handling tools, such as platform trucks, carts. Some heavy industrial equipment need to be matched with casters to move too. Please check pictures on right to see where we use casters.

Chapter 3

Components of Caster

How many spare parts should a caster contain?

Left picture shows the structure of a caster. This is a typical model of caster. Different casters may have slightly different components. The picture is a good example for top plate style swivel caster. The top mounting part is a top plate not stem or screw. If a caster has brake or locking, the structure chart should include the brake or locking part as well.

Chapter 4

Types of Caster

According to different standard, casters can be divided into different categories. Here are some common classification methods:

  1. Swivel or Rigid; can be divided into swivel caster and rigid caster.
  2. Different Mounting Method: can be divided into hollow pin caster, screw caster, stem style caster, expanding adapter caster and top plate caster.
  3. Different Brake or Locking Method: can be divided into caster without brake, caster with side locking, caster with total brake, caster with double brake and casters with auto brake.
  4. Different Loading Capacity: can be divided into light duty caster, medium duty caster, heavy duty caster and super heavy duty casters.
  5. Different Applications: can be divided into furniture caster, medial caster, shopping cart caster, industrial caster and other special casters.

Sure, there are many other different classification methods. Click button below to ask more.

Swivel Or Rigid Caster Images
Different Brake/Locking Method Caster Images
Different Mounting Method Caster Images
Different Applications Caster Images
Different Loading Capacity Caster Images

Chapter 5

How to choose a proper caster?

When you consider what caster you will use, you should consider at least below factors:

1. Loading Capacity

 (1). Load=(E+Z)/M

       T= each caster load

       E= the weight of the vehicle

       Z= the weight of the moving object

       M= efficient load casters quantity (the position and different heavy distribution must be considered.)

(2). Efficient load caster quantity as following:

(3). The casters load at the position of maximum should be considered when choose load capacity. Concrete load position and maximum position (P2) as picture on right:

2. Mobility

A good caster should move easily and be durable. The part of turn (frame turn, wheel rolling) should choose the minimum friction material. And accessories should choose those treated by special technology.

3. Moving Speed

The request of caster speed:

Under normal temperature and on flat smooth floor condition, the speed should be no faster than 4km/h of working. And there should be static interval during the work time.

4. Applied Environment

The floor material, barrier, leftover and the special environment, such as scrap iron, high or low temperature, great acidity and alkalinity, oil liquor, chemical solvent and anti-static should be considered when you choose the caster. Caster used in special environment should be made of special materials.

5. Wheel Material Capability & Characteristic

Chapter 6

Suggestions on How to Choose a Caster Supplier

What kind of caster supplier is a good supplier? When selecting your caster supplier, please ask a few questions first:

Is it a factory or a trading company?

How long do they have manufactured casters?

Are they regulated?

Is the product quality guaranteed?

Is the delivery date guaranteed?

Is the product cost-effective?

Is the after-sales service system perfect?

If all the answers are “yes”, then this is a trusted partner.

If you ask Tengcaster about these questions, our answer will be as follows:

Tengcaster is a caster factory, which have 24 year’s caster manufacturing experience.

Tengcaster is a well-managed company. We have passed BV, SGS, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and ROHS 2.

Tengcaster always focuses on quality control and improvement. We have our own test laboratory.

Tengcaster has stable raw material supply chain, which ensures in-time delivery.

Tengcaster handle all processes inside of our own factory, not only assembly. And we always optimize management and every detail. In this way, we can control quality and cost at the same time.

Tengcaster provide 12 months warranty. In case there is quality problem in warranty period, we will provide new product for replacement.

Considering all, we are a good choice as your business partner. Why not contact us now for further details?

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