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Here, we are happy to share some good news with you. The following three products won the championship, third place and runner up in sales in the first quarter of 2023.


Mop bucket & wringer combo caster–the quarterly sales exceed 400000 PCS.

Cabinet casters–the quarterly sales exceed 120000 PCS.

Supermarket shopping carts coin lock—the quarterly sales exceed 100000 PCS.

More About These Star Products

Champion: Mop Bucket & Wringer Combo Caster

Among numerous casters, the mop bucket & wringer combo caster is an indispensable part of Xingteng Company. Every year, a large number of bucket and wringer combo casters are exported to Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. Xingteng is one of the most important mop bucket & wringer combo caster manufacturers in China. With 20 years’ production experience, we ensure excellent product quality and competitive price.

The most commonly used mop bucket and wringer combo casters are as following two models.

3 Inch Total Plastic Bucket & Wringer Combo Caster

Wheel size: 76*24mm
Wheel material: PP/TPE
York material: Plastic
Overall height: 96mm
Stem Diameter: M15.4*37
Loading capacity: 50KGS
Color is gray(as provided picture)

Round Stem Rubber Mop Bucket & Wringer Combo Caster China

Wheel size: 75*20mm
Wheel material: PP/PP
York material: steel with galn
Overall height: 92mm
Stem Diameter: M11*35
Loading capacity: 30KGS
Color is black/gray(or as customer required)

Apart these two models, we have other specifications for your choice. We are a professional mop bucket & wringer caster factory in China. Click on the button above to contact us for a professional quotation.

Runner up: Cabinet Casters

We are a professional cabinet caster manufacturer in China. There are various specifications of cabinet casters, including double wheel cabinet casters, fat cabinet casters, and ordinary cabinet casters. Sizes range from 2 inches, 3 inches, 5 inches, and 6 inches. Below pictures are our most popular cabinet casters. 

Which model is most suitable for you product & market? Please feel free to contact us for free consultation.

Third place: Supermarket Shopping Cart Coin Lock

There are over 20 types of shopping cart coin locks for you to choose from, including zinc alloy materials and high-strength plastic materials. Our supermarket shopping cart coin lock basically includes all coins. Customize model is available if there is special requirement.

Hot Selling Supermarket Shopping Trolley Coin Lock

Which one is more suitable for your market? Contact Xingteng — professional supermarket shopping cart coin lock manufacturer in China. We will recommend the most suitable supermarket shopping cart coin lock according to your specific needs.

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